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Innovative and clear

Until recently, our SMS consisted of a collection of Word, Excel, and PDF documents. That was a system that required a very high level of maintenance. It took a lot o time to update the system and to record all mandatory control documents. DG-360 offered a unique and innovative solution to monitor and safeguard our entire SMS.

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Stefan Plaisier

Financial director NBK

A great example of digitization in logistics

DG-360 is a great concept that provides an excellent example of digitization. This provides companies with a wealth of data, which can really work to their benefit. We are also very curious about the concept of 'compliance as a service,' which really is something new to the market.

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De prijs? Die bepaal je zelf!

``360 Holding met voorop DG-360 werkt op basis van vertrouwen! Nog nooit eerder heb ik deze manier van prijsbepaling voorbij zien komen``, aldus Marjon Kruize gedurende het interview dat ze voor het FD afneemt met Christian Ackermans van 360 Holding. Ackermans: ``tja, als wij ons werk goed gedaan hebben komt de klant altijd met een schappelijke prijs over de brug!

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Marjon Kruize

Editor FD/Contentway

Taking our software to the next level

DG-360 is helping our customers with the full digitization of their Dangerous Goods related Safety Management System and their Seveso III compliance. Chris and his team are taking our software to a whole new level: An off-shelf solution comprised of software and content to serve the demand behind the question.

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Jonathan Stolk

Founder Captions